Polk County Schools partners with our local non-profit Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry (TBOM) to provide weekend food for students.  The counselors at each school work with the teachers and TBOM staff to identify and serve students that meet the program eligibility requirements.

Feed-A-Kid is only for children you believe are chronically hungry. The program provides backpacks with food to children who might otherwise not have sufficient food over the weekend. 

To refer a child to Feed-A-Kid, please review the following list of behaviors that a child who is chronically hungry should display on a regular basis. At least (3) items on this list must be displayed regularly to refer a child to Feed-A-Kid.  If you believe you have a child in your school that exhibits at least 3 of these required behaviors, please contact your school's Counselor.

Extreme hunger on Monday morning
Quickly eating all of the food served and asking for more
Asking when the next meal/snack will be served
Regularly asking their teacher for food
Saving/hoarding/stealing food to take home for themselves and/or a sibling
Lingering around for or asking for seconds
Comments about not having enough food at home
Asking classmates for food they don’t want
Other information regarding the Child’s home situation that requires the need for food

Physical Appearance: 
Extreme thinness 
Puffy/Swollen Skin 
Chronically dry/cracked lips 
Chronically dry and itchy eyes

School Performance: 
Excessive absences and/or tardiness
Chronic sickness  
Repetition of a grade
Short attention span/inability to concentrate
Chronic behavior problems (hyperactive, irritable, anxious, withdrawn, etc.)

Home Environment: 
Often cooks own meal or has another sibling who does. 
Moves frequently 
Family crisis
Loss of household income 

To be completed by the school Counselor:   Student Referral Form